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RTEC offers wheelchair accessible vehicles in over 75% of the bus fleet. Our accessible buses and vans come with a wheelchair lift or ramp to accommodate wheelchairs. 

RTEC drivers are trained and certified in providing passenger assistance on boarding and unloading from the vehicle. Passenger assistance may include guiding the passenger to and from the vehicle, lend a steady arm for passenger balance, finding a seat, and securing a wheelchair.

Reasonable Modification:

  • “RTEC provides reasonable modification of policy and practice upon request to ensure that our transportation services are accessible to people with disabilities.”

  • Reasonable Modification determinations will be made by Dale Shelton and/or Mat Getsi  606-256-9835

  • Reasonable Modification Policy

Reasonable assistance includes:

  • The operator will come to the curb of a residence or pick up location.

  • The operator will assist passengers in boarding and exiting the van if needed.

  • The operator will deliver the passenger to the curb of his/her destination.

  • Additional Door to Door assistance if requested.

  • Assisting passengers up and/or down ramps at residence or destination if Origin to Destination is requested.

Reasonable assistance DOES NOT include:

  • Assisting a passenger through the doorway or threshold of a residence.

  • Assistance getting in or out of a wheelchair.

  • Assistance in getting ready for the trip (dressing, feeding, etc.)

  • Administering medication or oxygen.

  • Assisting passengers in wheelchairs up or down stairs that have more than one step.

RTEC reserves the right to refuse passenger assistance to areas deemed unsafe.

RTEC requires the personal care attendant to provide an appropriate car seat for each child that requires a car seat.   The proper use and installation of the Child Safety Restraint Seat is fully the responsibility of the accompanying adult.   The selections and utilization of a Child Safety Restraint Seat must follow KY State and Federal Guidelines.   A ride will not be provided for anyone violating this policy. Infant/Toddler seats may not be left on RTEC vehicles.   Each one-way trip will require the car seat to be removed upon exit and secured upon entry.   

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