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RTEC is a non-profit corporation organized in 1990 exclusively for the purpose of planning, coordinating and operating public transportation services. RTEC was organized in 1989 and began providing community transit services open to the public in rural Southeast Kentucky during July 1990.  Beginning as a single county transit system, RTEC quickly grew to the 15-county transit system it is known as today. We are celebrating 29 years in public transit serving residents in Southeast Kentucky.

At RTEC, we provide assistance in transportation to the needs of our passengers. There are various services that we offer for passengers to support their needs. These services include: cash trips for shopping, training, appointments, and employment; medical trips for Medicaid recipients and Veterans. 


Our mission is to make transportation affordable, available and accessible to everyone living in the service area.


  • Cash fares are $1.00 per mile with a minimum of $4.00 fare.


  • RTEC operates more than 180 vehicles in the 13-county service area with planning one day ahead for cash fare transportation.


  • RTEC provides wheelchair accessible transportation upon request.  More than 75% of the vehicles are lift-equipped. 

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