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RTEC Fleet Management

RTEC Fleet Manager, James Morgan

RTEC's preventive maintenance program ensures that the useful life of each bus or van exceeds the standard of replacement at five years or 100,000 miles.  RTEC constantly works toward accessing new equipment to upgrade its fleet and to increase services. New vehicle operators are orientated toward their role in the preventive maintenance plan and ongoing monitoring of the program is conducted.

RTEC Maintenance Facility Features

RTEC's maintenance facility is located at 85 spring Street, Mount Vernon. The facility consists of 20,475 square feet. Inside the garage, the 2-bays are 1,485 square feet enclosed for vehicle repair, tire changing, and the ongoing preventive maintenance program.

The garage will store up to 30 vehicles, in addition to the 26,622 square feet parking lot for vehicle storage. The parking lot is enclosed with a (locked) chain link fence. During the day, this lot serves as staff parking and serves as bus parking during the night. In addition to the maintenance facility, the garage has an office for the fleet manager and a training center.

The training center is equipped with a TV/VCR and now a wireless projector and screen and is used for ongoing training of drivers in First Aid/CPR, Defensive Driving, and Passenger Assistance Techniques (Wheelchair Management Training). The fleet manager trains the drivers in completing the pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections. The Maintenance Garage is located at 85 Spring Street, 315 feet from RTEC's Administrative Offices.


RTEC Maintenance Project Team:

  • James Morgan, Fleet Manager

  • Randy Renner, Fleet Mechanic

  • Chris Hansel, Fleet Mechanic

  • Eddie Hayes,  Garage Assistant

  • Paul Northern, Garage Assistant

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